Monday, September 27, 2010


This was a famous nightclub called JJ's during the seventies located at 501 N. Randolph.  Early on the place was known for a rough clientele including Ft. Myer soldiers and bikers coming to watch strippers.  The Arlington Pagans were regulars.  In the mid-seventies they tried to clean it up and feature local rock bands.  JJ's closed sometime in the later seventies.  Later it relocated as JJ's American Cafe at the intersection of Lee Highway and Harrison St. in the building that is now a mattress store. 

JJ's had some unwanted notierity in the Johnny Battle incident at Godfather's in Georgetown.  A crew of Pagans were celebrating mother club member Cheyenne Richter's birthday and they started out a JJ's and were kicked out after a fight broke out.  They moved on to Godfather's where they enountred Johnny Battle's group and got into a street fight on Wisconsin Ave.  Battle ended up stabbed to death and some Pagans went to jail for a long time.  The case has come up lately because some of the Pagans were released based on some falsified testimony.

UPDATE:  Prior to becoming JJ's this place was a topless bar called Ziggy's and was known as a rough place.  Ziggy's neighbor, American Service Center, complained about vulgar customers and beer cans, which led to the it's closing. 

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